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Thank You This web site shall also be used until the end of the year the name will change to Idaho Hound hunters for those wishing to have their pictures posted of their hunts




 Hound Dogs Breeds


The Blue Tick Coonhound is loyal and intelligent. It has a variety of barks for different situations.

The bluetick or bluetickhound is a breed of hound which originated in the Southern United States. These working hounds have been bred to track an assortment of animals, especially raccoons. As hunting dogs, bluetick hounds are persistent, loyal, and extremely intelligent. They are also remarkably beautiful, with distinctively patterned coats and unique “voices” which emerge when they are on the hunt.

The “blue” color of a bluetick hound comes from the distinct ticking on the dog's coat. The hounds have an under layer of white fur which is overlaid with dark black specks. Many bluetick hounds also have dark splotches of fur on their coats. The breed also has the characteristic sad eyes and floppy ears of the hound breed, with muscular hindquarters to power the dogs while they are on the trail.




Walker hounds stand between 20 and 28 inches, weighing between 50 and 70 pounds and their markings are bicolor or tricolor with smooth short haired coats. They are extremely powerful, especially throughout the shoulder region, and have large ears compared to head size. Their legs are straight and lean, not well muscled. Walker dogs are best known for being a coon hound. They chase a raccoon until it is forced up a tree to hide from the dog. The treeing part of the walker coon hound is that it also stops at the tree and barks so the dog handler can find the tree that the game is hiding in. Hunting is a hunting dogs exercise. The dog is taken to the truck and a telemetry tracking collar is put onto the dog. This transmitter sends out a signal that can be picked up by a receiver (tracking system) so that the dog handler knows where the dog is should it be gone an unusually long amount of time. GPS tracking systems are just coming onto the market. Once the dog has on the collar and is checked over for being healthy it is put into the truck. The handler then goes to the area where they plan to run the dog. This is typically next to or within a woods or forest. When the dog is let out of the box it runs off happy to be free to run and excited to find a raccoon to chase. When it smells a track a coon dog typically begins to bawl a long carried out groaning bark. The colder/older the track the less frequent and more of a crying carrying out bawl.

Black and Tan, This dog is a natural hunter, a very intelligent animal and loyal as well. He is well-known to be very gentle with people. Some of them are overprotective and have the tendency to be a little bit reserved with strangers. Just like the other coonhounds, you shouldn’t let him unsupervised as this dog will follow an interesting scent.

The legs are muscular and straight at the knees. It has tight and well padded feet. It isn’t splay-footed or cat-footed. It has a deep chest which shows an immense lung space. Regarding the coat, it is quite glossy but thick enough to offer protection. Some dogs have a little white on breast, the rest is rich black.Like most of the coonhounds it is a very strong, working dog. It is rather large and well-proportioned. The eyes are proeminent, dark brown or black. The ears are respectably long and are set medium low. The coonhound’s shoulders are muscular just like the back which is also short and a bit arched. The dog’s hips are round and smooth, just like his entire body : proportionately wide. Regarding the tail, it is quite heavy and it is carried freely.

Mountain Curs have been used on coons, mountain lions, hogs and other game. They are high energy and will HUNT, HUNT, HUNT. They are medium ranged and medium nosed, and their style of hunting is somewhat terrier like - for a cur. They are gritty and the good ones have more heart than they do size. Some lines of mountain cur are "tree dogs" and are semi-open on track. The lines we use are not open on track. They are usually small to medium sized dogs, ranging from 35-50lbs.

Plott Hound: A hunting hound of striking color that traditionally brings big game to bay or tree, the Plott is intelligent, alert and confident. Noted for stamina, endurance, agility, determination and aggressiveness when hunting, the powerful, well muscled, yet streamlined Plott combines courage with athletic ability

The Redbone Coonhound is a dog that has been bred to hunt raccoon. In some areas, they are also used to hunt bobcat, cougar, and even bear. This breed is vey agile and that helps them to be used for hunting in a wide variety of areas, such as mountains, swamplands, and even the water. The Redbone Coon hound is the only coonhound that is solid colored